How to Onboard onto Agoric Testnet

…a Validator Guide

I documented these steps for my future reference (if required) and if you find it useful, do feel free to use it.

These steps are only applicable if you were running a previous version of the Agoric software and were selected to participate in the upcoming | current incentivised testnet.

At a high level, the macro steps needed for this upgrade are:


  • Check Prerequisites
  • Install Node.js
  • Install Go
  • Download/Install Agoric SDK
  • Configure your Node
  • Check the Network Parameters
  • Apply Network Parameters
  • Adjust Configuration
  • Sync your Node
  • Create your Validator
  • Tap the Faucet
  • Check your Balance
  • Catch Up
  • Get Validator Public Key
  • Submit Create Validator Transaction


And to assist along, I have created some scripts for each of the step I had to go through.

You can also find the Github repository for this other scripts here…

Github Agoric Pathway

General Reference Links:

Validator Guide

Release Notes

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