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…a Validator Guide

I documented these steps for my future reference (if required) and if you find it useful, do feel free to use it.

These steps are only applicable if you were running a previous version of the Agoric software and were selected to participate in the upcoming | current incentivised testnet.

At a high level, the macro steps needed for this upgrade are:


  • Check Prerequisites
  • Install Node.js
  • Install Go
  • Download/Install Agoric SDK
  • Configure your Node
  • Check the Network Parameters
  • Apply Network Parameters
  • Adjust Configuration
  • Sync your Node
  • Create your Validator
  • Tap the Faucet
  • Check your Balance
  • Catch…

A Curator’s journey in The Graph Network

I decided to share a page from my journal where I often jot down my journey as an indexer, and curator in The Graph Network.

I trust you’re familiar with the The Graph protocol and project, if not check out the appropriate links in the reference section and come back to reading the remainder of this post.

As I witnessed the colour of our skies change from dawn, to afternoon, to dusk, to a gorgeous night with the moon attempting to highlight the country outback …a thought briefly appeared which colour should I pick for my next Blockchain project.

I haven’t decided yet, but will let you know when I do so.

I wonder if you wonder(ed) when you chose a colour for your Blockchain project?!

You may pick any colour, as long as the shape resembles a #BLOCK#.

#Buy #Sell #Breed #Sire one-of-a-kind 😸 collectibles

😸 English Mustard 😸 + 😸 Elephant Grey 😸 = 😸 12 CryptoKitties 😸 ….

Like all experiments, my curiosity led me to this interesting Blockchain Project called #CryptoKitties: Join_CryptoKitties


What’s up! I’m 😸 Mustard Dressing 😸. All you need to know about me is I hate salad with a passion. I’m convinced that the world is flat. One day I’ll prove it. I like your face.


Oh hi! I’m 😸 Purple Turquoise 😸. In high school, I was voted biggest teacher’s pet. I’m often described as hairy, and I own it. I hope you like kitten around as much as I do!


Hi-ya! I’m 😸 Apple Crumble 😸. I want to live in a world where people believe the world is flat. My secret indulgence is apple pie. This will be an amewsing friendship.


Ugh! I’m 😸 NASA Meow 😸. In high school, I was voted most likely to work at NASA. In my free time, I can usually be found petulant or talking about how much I lift. Purrhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


Heyo! I’m 😸 Lasagna Dog Watcher 😸. I’m a professional Dogwalker and I love lasagna. Sometimes I daydream of a life full of fighting the patriarchy, ice cream, and people-watching. Let’s get busy!


Aloha! I’m 😸 I Own It 😸. I’ve never told anyone this, but I once cleaned a dog. I’m often described as ridiculous, and I own it. We can be friends, but keep the ultra purrsonal stuff to yourself, please.


web3 engineer & educator

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